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Certificate in Fireman

  Admission Open for "Certificate In Fireman". Enroll now and get extra benefit..!! Be ready for Govt. Job Combustion !!
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First-Aid Completion

 Successful Completion of First-Aid (Batch 23rd) Apply for the next batch call- 7985024362

Admission Open for Fire Safety Courses.

Admission Open for Fire Safety Courses. Admission Open for Fire Safety Courses,  Register now in Diploma and PG Diploma courses.  

Construction Safety

As you have registered for Construction Safety course with Central Institute of Fire and Safety Management. Kindly make payment of Rs. 599 to confirm your registration. For Payment Confirmation Follow these steps- STEP-1 Click below to make Payment. Click to Pay 599/- STEP-2 Fill out the Payment Confirmation Form. Loading… STEP-3 Payment confirmation mail has been sent to your registered mail id .

Online Session On First Aid

 World's First-Aid Day special - Online Session on First-Aid on the special occasion of World's First-Aid Day delivered by- Mr. Lakhan Shukla (मुख्य प्रशिक्षक, आपदा प्रबंधन). 

Online Session on First Aid

First Aid  You are most welcome in online session on "First Aid" where we will discuss about "CPR", "Bandage","Importance of First Aid" focusing on Accidents in Workplace and Daily Life. If not yet registered, register now