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Online Session On First Aid

 World's First-Aid Day special - Online Session on First-Aid on the special occasion of World's First-Aid Day delivered by- Mr. Lakhan Shukla (मुख्य प्रशिक्षक, आपदा प्रबंधन). 

Online Session on First Aid

First Aid  You are most welcome in online session on "First Aid" where we will discuss about "CPR", "Bandage","Importance of First Aid" focusing on Accidents in Workplace and Daily Life. If not yet registered, register now

Achievers for Behavior Base Safety

Behavior Base Safety We are delighted to share the top achievers of our Online Behavior Base Safety Session. Congratulations and be ambitious, CIFS wishes all the very best for your bright future. Share your session experience in the comments. Let the fear be locked!! Don't let the guard down!! Golden Achiever Mohit Kumar (Umrao Technological Institute) Ankit Kumar Gupta (Umrao Technological Institute) Monika Rathour (Manprasth ITI) Vishal Sahani (Asian Institute) Manish Singh (Govt. ITI Chitrakut) Manish Bhadauria (MKU Ltd.)   Silver Achievers Gautam Kumar Singh (CIFS Institute) Rajeev R. Patel (MKU Ltd.) Vijaynand (Govt. Poly. Naraini Banda) Abhishek Chauhan (Govt. Poly. Sumerpur) Shubham Kushwaha (Town Poly. Ballia) #Beaware #Besafe #Fire #safety #safetyofficer #safetysupervisor #cifs #safeworkplace #zeroaccidentpolicy #goldenachivers #silvarachivers. #attitute #leadershipskills #leader

Online Session on Behavior Base Safety

Teachers day Special !!!   Behavior  based safety is a safety which works on the humans itself aside of conditions and environmental effects on the work or accident its main feature is to prevent and mitigate accidents focusing on human behavior itself. Key learning of the session will be What is the difference between conventional safety and behaviour based safety. Understanding behaviour based safety how can we use behaviour based safety to ensure everyone safety in this period of covid-19 outbreak. Which is better between conventional safety and behaviour based safety Key contributors in implementing behaviour based safety If not yet registered, register here.